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It is easy to get informed on a variety of important topics related to door locks and keys. You simply need to use this page with frequently asked locksmith questions. All of the answers are thorough, informative and interesting. Use them effectively to reach and keep the level of security which you require.

What do I do if the door doesn't unlock?

It's always best to start with easy solutions. Check whether you use the right key first. Then make sure it is inserted all the way into the keyhole. If it doesn't turn, lubricants might do some good. If it turns but the door doesn't open, the cylinder is probably loose. In any case, call our professionals for lock repair.

Is it easy to clean the locks?

Cleaning door locks takes patience and attention but it's not a hard task. What's hard is disassembling the lock and reassembling and installing it again. If you want to clean the locks well, it's best to remove the entire mechanism in order to use canned air to remove debris. Each lock has different parts and you must have knowledge to handle them correctly.

What is the structure of a master key system?

The system can have an unlimited number of levels each with its own sub-master key and a single master key. It can also have individual sections within each level with a single key for all the doors in each section as well as an individual key for each one. It is up to you to decide if the doors can also be operated with the sub-master key for the particular level.

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