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The following tips in the field of locksmith, locks and keys are especially created to help everyone who uses such security devices on a daily basis. It is our goal to assist you with keeping your property secure and we do everything necessary in this direction. Read the tips carefully and use them correctly.

Don't disregard new age systems

Don't be stubborn when it comes to security matters. You might have invested in security door locks a few years back but the technology of locks is changing rapidly and is very promising, too. Our experts suggest installing new age door locks and other systems. You can start with one door to check out the difference.

Put your valuables in safes

Everybody keeps some valuables in the house. Whether they are money, jewelry, collections or just some important documents, if they are significant to you it's best to keep them well-protected. With safe installation, even if someone manages to break in the house, undoubtedly the thief will have a hard time getting through or even finding the safe.

Check the condition of the strike plate during lock maintenance

Watch out for rust and dirt and clean the component straight away, if you notice any. Just remember to use a safe cleaner. If the strike plate is even slightly misaligned, you should adjust it accurately to prevent lock malfunction. It is important to tighten the screws properly. If any of them is broken, it should be replaced right away.

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